Friday, August 25, 2006

Shabbat Shalom

We are at my parents' house in Beit Shemesh for shabbat. We expected our tenants to leave tomorrow evening; after making plans and coming here, we found out that they are actually leaving before shabbat. We could have been back in our own house already. Ah well.

On Sunday, Saarya goes back to his dorm for tenth grade, and Ariella goes away to her pre-military year "mechina". That leaves us only Tal and Eitan half time, and Saarya and Ariella once every three weeks or so.

I get to look at the other games I acquired yesterday over shabbat.

Helena from the ECGI was supposed to show up at the board game event yesterday but wasn't able to make it. She sent me an email that looked almost like poetry. She won't mind my reprinting part of it here, I hope (line breaks are hers):

margalit akavyah who founded our organisation
organised many boardgame playing events
before your time.
in our previous centre
in wingate
in teaching seminaries
if you are interested i can ask people who are even older than me what they remember
one day someone can go through the old files and get out the material
not me.

Play, play, play,
Before the time slips away.


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