Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Pallywood: The Web of Lies by the Islamic Media

WARNING: POLITICS. I have to write these once in a while. Stay away if you don't want to read it.

The art of war is to tactically control, demoralize, and force a surrender.

Some time ago television, radio, and the internet came onto the scene. Some people think that media is a means of communicating the truth about what is happening in the war zone. But not everyone.

The Islamic fighters and their supporters use the media to demoralize the enemy. The media, and the people who watch this media - Americans, Europeans, Israeli - are the enemy. They do not recognize the media as an outlet for getting truth out. It is a weapon to demoralize opponents and attack their weak spots.

The weak spots of the West are simple. Number one, they agonize that if a civilian is killed, it is their fault for not being careful enough, or not having exhausted dialog. Number two, they believe that people, cameras, and news don't lie. That people want to be accurate and report the truth, or they lose credibility. That wars are a matter of fighting, not of propaganda.

The history of this weakness is long and obvious. It is so obvious, that it is unbelievable. Lie straight, long, and continuously, and no one will believe that you could be lying.

Woody Allen had a scene like this once, where his wife comes in and finds him in bed with another woman. As they get dressed, Woody continuously denies that there is another woman right in front of her eyes, and suggests that she must be imagining things and being hysterical. As the woman walks out, Woody's wife finally supposes that she must be imagining it, because who could try to lie about something so patently obviously false?

"According to Muslim sources", more than five hundred civilians were killed in Jenin, when the truth is that 56 were killed, the majority gunfighters. According to Muslim sources, Israel bombed a beach in Gaza, killing seven people, when the truth is that a Hamas bomb exploded. Little boys and girls are killed by Israeli gunfire, when the truth is that it's often Arab gunfire.

This is the same press that reports:

- Israel purposely infects their own women with AIDS and sends them to Egypt to be prostitutes in order to kill Egyptian men.
- Pokemon is a Jewish invention to lead Muslim youth astray from their Muslim tradition.
- Sept 11 was an attack by a Japanese group in retaliation for Hiroshima, or by the Jews, or by the CIA. (Palestinian Chronicle, since deleted)

and so on and so forth.

Today's great lies are the number of casualties in Lebanon and the attack at Qana.

Never mind the fact that Hezbollah has fired just as many rockets as Israel has, and that all of their rockets are aimed at civilians, and that the reason that they have more civilian deaths is that we have better early warning systems, our civilians left the area when Israel told them to, and so on.

The Qana "tragedy" of 50+ civilian deaths is now the same old web of lies. Here are the problems:

- Refrigerated trucks arrived in Qana that morning.
- Israeli intelligence said that there were no civilians in the building.
- The building was not hit by Israeli missiles
- The building was blown up at 8:00 am, when the Israeli attack occurred at 1:00 am.
- The bodies brought out of the building had rigor mortis, which only occurs 24 hours after death, sometimes as early as 12 hours. Not thirty minutes, and not seven hours.
- There was no hole in the roof that would indicate a missile strike.
- With little exception, the bodies had no dust on them, no wounds, and no blood.
- The same bodies were seen being carried by the same people 24 hours earlier in Tyre.
- The number taken out was in any case miscounted as 50 or 60, when it was really only 27.

More sources and thorough details.

Hezbollah hiding behind civilians.

Hezbollah staging ambulances driving with nobody in them.

Hezbollah killing its own civilians.

The media's complicity in reporting the lies.

Here is a video about the Pallywood deception, actually showing Palestinians setting up and then shooting the scenes.

And another thorough article on the lie about Israel targeting ambulances. Although frankly, if the Palestinians and Hezbollah continuously smuggle arms, bombs, and fighters in ambulances, I don't see why they shouldn't expect to be targeted.

And what if 50 Jews had died in Haifa?

Now, what does this say about the so called number of deaths sustained in Lebanon right now? What are the latest figures? 600? 1000? Guess what? I don't believe it. And if the past forty years of lies and deception by the "Muslim press" is anything to go on, the more accurate figure is probably more on the order of 50, which is about the same as in Israel, or even less. Yes, I could be wrong, but I doubt that I am wrong by much.

Meanwhile, the western media, the "enemy", laps it up and reports it as facts, and the world comes hounding after Israel.


Yael's blog is an absolute treasure trove.

Update: Read this thorough op-ed on the same subject. I, too, have been listening to the BBC; they are simply incredible. Hour after hour of relentlessly disgraceful "reporting".


grey_tinman said...

If it's on TV, it must be true...right?

MaksimSmelchak said...

Hi Yehuda,

I know just how you feel.

I just got a call the other daya go froma WWII vet who wanted to tell me that he and his entire family are behind Israel.

I just wish that later generations had picked up that sense of moral clarity that "The Greatest Generation" had and has.

Noone ever claimed that we were fighting a "disproportionate" war against the Nazis.


Yehuda Berlinger said...

Natch, seth. Maksim, thanks. Apparently, in WWII "winning" was which side did more damage than the other side. Today, "winning" is who gets damaged more by the other side.

Israel is still claiming that the attack was a mistake.

Although I trust Israeli sources more, frankly I wouldn't trust them to tell the truth all the time, either.

The point is: don't trust TV news.