Monday, February 05, 2007

As Long As We're Linking 18

This post is to catch you up on what's new in the world of online board game blogging. I try to list what's new and what's lost, as well as what's changed.

Blogs without RSS feeds tend to be ignored until they get one. Also, blogs with very little updating, very little gaming content, or primarily commercial are also ignored.

What's New:

As I posted last month, everyone should check their feeds once in a while. Perfectly good blogs that continue to post sometimes experience blips in their feeds, either because your feed manager loses them or because they move to a new hosting service, such as the new Blogger.

This is a good time to take a visit to the actual web site of a blog you follow and check the last posting date against the last posting date you have in your feed manager. In fact, check to see if your feed manager didn't just silently drop a favorite feed, altogether. That's been happening to me recently.

Some feed anomalies included, 6 MM Gaming, Another Point of Singularity, Garret's Games and Geekiness, and others.

Games Utah - Session reports.

Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club - I have moved the session reports from the freewebs site to this blog. Posts are once a week.

meeplespeak - Scott Slomiany. Free downloadable games, and some game design.

Roll 2d6 - A podcast on games. Lately they've covered some board games.

Stone of Remembrance - Walter Hunt, a sci-fi writer who games.

Two Sides to the Coin - Two members of the old Gathering of Engineers, Tim and Eric, recently got inspired to begin blogging again.


Chris Farrell
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