Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Great Monopoly Swindle Continues

While citizens of Sidney and Melbourne apparently could not care less about having their cities appear on the next version of Australian Monopoly, citizens of Tasmania apparently have no compunction about cheating at the game created to determine if their local regions will appear on the new game board.

How ironic is that?
In response to what it says is "dishonesty" by Hobartians and Launcestonians, a North-West newspaper has published details of how the voting rules can be overridden.

"It is time to play dirty," the article said.

"If North-West Coasters want to secure Cradle Mountain its deserved spot on the Australian Monopoly board game, we have found a way to cheat."

The article explains how multiple votes can be cast by following a number of steps to "delete cookies" on the computer.


[Tasmanian Treasurer] Mr Aird said the competition should be about fair play, not parochialism.

"People should have a sense of perspective on this and play according to the rules, not being able to manipulate the result that the makers of Monopoly are trying to achieve," he said.
Why does this behavior not surprise me? Has anyone ever seen a Monopoly game not turn out exactly the same way?

Let it be noted that both Sydney and Melbourne have progressive game clubs that promote and play Euro-games, which is not the case for Tasmania. Coincidence?


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