Thursday, February 22, 2007

Session Report Up, in which I diss Stephenson's Rocket

The latest Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club session report is up here. Games played include: Chrononauts, Power Grid, Zertz, Cosmic Encounter, Stephenson's Rocket, Grave Robbers From Outer Space, Bridge.

The report is up, although some parts are still incomplete.

We held first plays of Chrononauts and Stephenson's Rocket. I was unimpressed by the latter, although I'm willing to try again. I also discovered a problem with Zertz not covered in the rules. Turns out it was covered in the rules.

Game News

ITNews talks generally about a new algorithm to help computers improve at Go.

OnMilwaukee discovers Apples to Apples and calls it "a game of strategy". Indiana's Ball State News Daily also discovers Apples to Apples, as well as iMAgiNiff.

The Orlando Sentinel discusses cheating. "We live in a society in which obtaining a goal or an end becomes more important than how you go about obtaining it."


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