Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Look at my new duds!

Comments on my new site design are welcome. Especially regarding the decision to fix the background image rather than have it scroll with the contents. On the minus side, text at the top of the page is slightly harder to read. On the plus side, it sure looks cool. Update: I decided to go with readability and scroll the image.

I'm having trouble with the ad placement. On the one hand, I would be thrilled to earn money as a blogger; that would let me devote more time to blogging. On the other hand, I want my site to be about content, and I want it to look clean. Ads really clutter up the landscape.

Also, Ad-sense is doing a particularly sucky job of matching to my content, right now.


Wired notes the well-known issue about laws against violence in Germany as a hindrance to video game acceptance.

New Zealand and Australia are going through the same hooplahs that the U.S. did last year regarding new and updated Monopoly versions. I mostly ignore all the local newspapers article urging their citizens to go out and vote for such-and-such to be included on the mew board. In this case, however, it is at least worth mentioning that Palmerson North's idea was to set the world record for simultaneous games of Monopoly as a media boost to their voting campaign.

Gamer Hotsheet notes that Steve Jackson has slashed prices on a number of downloadable GURPS books, some at now very low prices.

Games: A Tale of Two Bullies is a new book by Carol Gorman about a principal who takes two fighting kids in school and forces them to sit down and play board games to work out their differences.

My Rewards Game is a "new game" that encourages "good" behavior in children. Basically, it's a track, and each day you move your child's pawn forward a space if they do something "good" and back if they do something "bad".

Moving on to an actual "game", Disqualified is a board game with some cool car minis, whose theme is to "Elude that police car on your tail. Dodge those tiresome speed cameras and compete with your opponents using strategy, vehicle upgrades and your sheer driving expertise to be the the 1st player to drive 500 miles without getting DISQUALIFIED!. How fast do you dare to go?"



Robbo said...

I really like your new design, except for the fixed background. Since the text blends into the background as I scroll up, it pulls me out of what I'm reading. It is distracting. The image is really cool, but not so cool that it needs to be on the screen at all times.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

robbo: That's about what I feared. Thanks for the comment.


Jackson Pope said...

I like it a lot, Yehuda - nice stuff. The background appears fixed to me though. Which is best.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

jack: Yeah, I decided to affix it to aid in readability.