Tuesday, February 20, 2007

When I Say I'm Finished, I Mean I Just Need More Time

When Rachel says that she finished her thesis, it means that she's done writing it, but still has work to do editing it, and then defending it.

So it is with my having finished the Canadian Copyright Code.

I finally decided to return to it and get it done, and I did. It was just sitting in my Drafts folder, annoying me.

Now I have to go over it and fix up the lame verses with a bit more pizazz. You will probably see it tomorrow or the next day.

The Canadian copyright is generally better than the U.S. copyright. There's less wiggle room as far as what's considered "fair use" - they have very specific ideas of what is "fair dealing". But they give more leeway for judges and Boards to decide that fines or fees are ridiculous and change them accordingly.

Also, they blanketly decided that all personal recording is not infringement, by adding a tax onto all recording devices. Strangely enough, the U.S. also adds taxes onto all recording devices and STILL doesn't consider personal copying "fair use".

The U.S. media conglomerates manage to collect fees from recording devices, fees from blank media, fees from P2P software companies, fees from mp3 player manufacturers, fees from licenses, fees from sales, and fees from downloads, and they still come after you for personal recording. And none of these fees ever seems to end up in the hands of the copyright owners, only the conglomerates. Rather bizarre.

In other news, playing video games makes you a better surgeon.

Infection, the Board Game. "The object of the game is to cure all of your diseases. A player dies [is out of the game] when he has five RED diseases."


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