Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Resumé

Yehuda Berlinger

(traditional resume available upon request)

What I Want
  • I want to blog and to teach people how blogging works (blogger, speaker).
    You want to present a good company image, gain new customers, and connect with your existing customers.
  • I want an outlet for my creativity and passion (product, UX, and API design).
    You want to open new markets with new designs and applications for your products or services.
  • I want to design and write (documentation specialist, technical writer).
    You want happier customers with better designed and written documents, sites, or web programs.
  • I want to research and organize information (information specialist).
    You want to save time by having someone who can find, organize, and summarize important information.
  • I want to teach customer service skills, ethics, and manners (social networking).
    You want a likable company with service skills, company ethics, and good manners.
  • I want to create, teach, and organize games and activities (gamification consultant).
    You want passionate and productive employees.
Technical Skills

I can suggest fifty new features for a product ... in one hour.

I have written and published thousands of articles on such diverse topics as Web 3.0, understanding IP laws, and ethics in gaming. Some of these articles have been published in various technical, legal, and gaming journals around the world.

I designed several board and card games, one of which was published in three editions and sold over 2,500 copies. My designs are used by game players around the world.

I created and wrote for a daily blog that reached between 60,000 to 80,000 unique readers per month.

I created the first Internet multi-currency/multi-portfolio system for stocks for a company now absorbed into CBS MarketWatch.

I have written thousands of pages of technical documentation. I understand complex technology and can describe it simply. I write from the point of view of the reader. As a result, my documents serve as excellent QA for the programmers and I often move into designing the API and product. I often write the documentation by directly reading the code. I can reduce many 200 page documents to 60 pages or less.

I founded, inspired, and continue to organize game groups which have been successfully meeting and playing for over twenty years.

Personal Skills

I think like a user/customer first, not only like a designer, programmer, manager, or marketer.

I will look at your company and products in ways that you may never have anticipated.

I make lots of mistakes ... because I'm willing to challenge assumptions and try new things. For the record, when I succeed, I kick ass.

I neither know, nor care, what my title is called, nor what my position is in the company hierarchy.

If you work for me, you're my equal. If I work for you, you're my equal. But I will defer to my boss when a pressing need requires our company to get out any workable solution rather than the best one.

I approach every conversation open to the possibility that I am wrong and not seeing it. I expect the same of anyone I talk to.

I do not try to make myself indispensable.

Whether designing, programming, or writing, I write for extensibility and componentization, rewrite for elegance and clarity, and add clarifying comments, visuals, and highlights whenever required.

Contact Information


Cornell University
B. Eng. in Computer Science with a math minor

Relevant Work Experience

Internet and Computer Consultation and Training (30+ years)
Raising Self-Aware Children (30+ years)
Technical Writing (15+ years)
Blogging (15+ years)
Game design (15+ years)
Unix System Administration (7 years)
Web Programming (7 years)
UX/API Design (6 years)
Gamification (1 year)