Saturday, February 17, 2007

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No games this weekend. Oh well.

For dinner, we had some guests: three people from England here on an interfaith something or other, including one Jew and two Christians. The Jewish woman turned out to know Rachel from working at Limmud, UK, where Rachel taught for two winters.

The two Christians were not like the other Christian "on pilgrimage to the holy land" types that we usually get, but were younger and still exploring their faith. They were very pleasant and bright. It was a nice dinner.


It looks like I will be in England/Scotland June 13 to 27, and possibly in New York area June 27 to July 11. I hope to meet my fellow gamers and/or bloggers when I get there.

Game News

A rather interesting article finds Hasbro claiming that its famous licensed products are not as profitable as developing new toys and brands. This may come as a shock (or reversal) to those of us who follow the game industry.
"Any company would rather own its own intellectual property," said Bob Goldsborough, who helps manage $16.3 billion in assets at Ariel Capital Management in Chicago. "It’s not dependent on a particular movie series. You also capture all of the profits yourself." His firm owns 7.1 million Mattel shares and used to own Hasbro.
Bangor Daily News talks about the renaissance of board games. Good games are mentioned.

The Boylston Chess Club Weblog is covering the latest in Chess player news, this time alleged sexual assault by a rather well-known Chess player and teacher in Nashua.

Raph Koster finds art in an interestingly themed video game, High Delivery.

And a report from the Board Game Speed Dating night in the UK.



Simon J said...

Which parts of England are you visiting?

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Plans are vague. I think we'll be overnight in London, and then shabbat in London or Glasgow.

Saturday night I want to do gaming.

After that, hidden among the berrries and rushes of the moors in Scotland until the next shabbat.