Wednesday, February 21, 2007

PR 6

I was wondering why I was getting so many more offers for advertising for my blog when my Technorati score was dropping. It turns out I moved up a page rank in Google.

Odd thing about my previous post. Yes, I started writing it in December, and with a misspelled title. But I only posted it today, in February, yet the URL still marks it as from December. And complete with the misspelling.

I wasn't going to post more today, but I couldn't resist a backlog of interesting stuff:


Mike Doyle talks Euro games and themes.

Socratic Design talks the future of RPGs (hint: more like board games).

And speaking of learning from board games, Steve Meretzky at Game Daily tells the video game industry to learn from board games, too.

Sababa Toys is merging with Front Porch Classics (source).

"Sababa" is an Arabic slang term used by Israeli youth, and corresponds to "no problem" or "great".


Which brings me to the fact that The Jerusalem Post has a Christian edition. I did not know that.

Lastly, a highly amusing post by the great Joel on Software, who applies the principles of talmudic study, including Rashi and Tosefot, to decipher a post by Steve Gillmor.


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