Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Car Rental Rates for the Mathematically Challenged

In today's outbox:


I need some help with the math here ...
On 2/28/07, XXXXX Car Rental wrote:

28 days rental of an Mini car (MCMN) will cost £276.00gbp plus £102.00 (taxes(17.5%)) = £378.12. Weekly rate £69.00 and daily rate £9.00.
A daily rate of 9 x 7 = 63, so why is the weekly rate 69?

And 9 x 28 = 252, so why is the 28 day rate 276?

Don't you have a weekly rate that is less than 7 times the daily rate, and a monthly rate that is less than 4 times the weekly rate?

Also, 17.5% of 276 = 48.30 . Where did 102 come from?
This will include unlimited mileage, Collision damage waiver, Theft protection, Location fee, Road fund recovery fee and vat. There is an excess/deductible of £750.00gbp, which can optionally be reduced to £100.00gbp for just an additional £6.49 per day plus vat.
I believe that my credit card company protects me automatically for a large number of these fees, such as CDW, theft protection, and so on. Can I get quotes without all that stuff, please?

And 213 pounds to reduce my deductible from 750 to 100? Isn't that a bit excessive for a risk that I will get into an accident that causes exactly between 313 to 750 pounds?
Would you like to go ahead and make the reservation?
Not quite yet, thanks.

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