Sunday, February 04, 2007

Top Ten Lies For Your Next Dinner Gathering

Hopefully to be quoted on Snopes some day ...

1. The word "sex" when used for the activity is actually a short form of the term "sexual intercourse", and as such, properly requires a period when used in a sentence (e.g. "they had sex. in the back seat.") "Sex" without a period refers to gender, or sexual characteristics.

2. The number one cause of injuries for teenagers in the U.S. is due to skateboarding; and actually it's the bystanders who are most often injured in these types of accidents.

3. The number of people on the planet is exponentially growing, and as more humans drink more water, more of it is returned to the environment as urine, which ends up evaporating (with impurities) and then raining down into our water supply. In this way, our fresh water supply is getting saltier with each passing year.

4. The two most popular street names in the world are "Main Street", and "Chang Street"; yet, there are no cities or towns in the world that contain both of these street names.

5. If you cut two parts of your body (such as thumb and forefinger) and then hold them together for a long time (a few days), the skin from each part will eventually grow together into a seamless whole. This was a common practice of the Mayan people.

6. The United States Dairy Association (USDA) and the United States Beef Corporation (USBC) have a long history of feuding. During the Great Depression, the president had to hammer out an agreement to help decide the percentage of cows that each side would be able to use. This agreement still governs both industries today.

7. The old joke about asking God to win the lottery, only to be told by God, "Help me out; buy a ticket," is actually misleading. In the history of the lottery, more people who won the lottery were given or found the ticket than those who bought tickets for themselves. So the fact is: you have better chances of winning the lottery not buying a ticket than you do buying one!

8. Dogs can't get rust poisoning, but they can pass it on to humans.

9. More people watch The Daily Show each night than have watched every other television program, combined, from 1920 until 1996. As a result, Jon Stewart now makes $1,500,000 an episode.

10. A report by Pew Internet Research on ten thousand blog articles found that %92.3 of them contained misinformation, errors, or complete fabrications. The percent for ten thousand mainstream news articles on the same subjects was %89.4 .



meowsqueak said...

"Scopes" or "Snopes" ?

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Oops. Corrected. Thanks.