Monday, August 28, 2006

More Milestones

Google decided to send me my first check for $10 ... or so they say.

Card Golf: the game for people who think that even golf is just too much exercise. And too exciting.

Shendoku: The information about this game includes the patents, copyrights, trademarks, web games, computer games, mobile games, board games, television shows, books, downloads, historical information, a blog, hats, t-shirts, pillows, notebooks, boxes, bibs, jerseys, tracksuits, handbags, postcards, and syndication rights. The only thing missing is the rules to the board game, which they haven't finished developing.

Update: After I queried them about the rules, someone at Shendoku sent me this link to various books that they have published for the game. You can preview the books to get an idea of what the rules are. Essentially, each player tells the other one numbers in the Soduko puzzle until one person figures it out.

He or she also had this to say:
As for the comment of the games,we have developed over 11 variations and have rules for all of them. But, unlike the SuDoku puzzle, if you want the rules, you have to buy the game. This is not a give-away!
You can also download a grid with instructions for playing the "board game" at, but you still need to buy the book to play. The board game is basically a paper with a grid drawn on it. To play the game, you roll a die, move a token to some empty grid square, and your opponent tells you what number is on that square. The first player to solve their Sudoku wins.

Meanwhile, two towns in New Jersey have banned any public games if alcohol is involved.



Anonymous said...

For how long a period of time does that $10 Google cheque represent?

Yehuda Berlinger said...

I started Adsense last year for a few months, netting about $1.73. I dropped it.

Then I started it again this year in Feb. I have been making about $1 a month, but for the last two months about $3 a month.

Not enough to retire on yet. Still hoping. I suspect that I still have to break into the top 2000 on Technorati before I start making any real money.