Friday, January 05, 2007

As Long As We're Linking 17

This is my 17th quite poorly named update on new and worthwhile blogs around the board game blogosphere.

Blogs that don't update, are primarily commercial or only tangentially about board games, or have no RSS feed are not included. Sorry.


Family Boardgaming Podcast - JP LaChance, Madison, WI.

I'd Rather Be Gaming - Ozvortex, Brisbane, Queensland, AU

The Metagame - Someone, or something, called JonBen

New Gamer Dad - Bryan, Near Des Moines, Iowa

Talking Game - Gamethyme, Seattle, Washington

Uffish Thought - ???


The following sites have moved to the new Blogger or otherwise done something to mess up their feed. (Of course, it's always possible that I accidentally erased them from my blogroll, somehow.)

I had to find their new feed, and resubscribe. I only happened to notice this because the feed had disappeared in Bloglines when I went to check my list while creating this post. If you think you're subscribed to one of these blogs, check your feeds. These are still good blogs.

People: Check your feeds. If you can't see your posts, we can't either.

Musings, Rambling, and Things Left Unsaid
A Random Gnome's Random Lair
Dug's Gaming
The Game Shelf
The Game Table
Non-Waterlogged Blog
San Antonio Board Gamers


The following blogs have disappeared or stopped updating. It's quite a long list this time ...

A Fistful of Games
Abstract Gamer
Apostle Relections
Boardgamer's Pastime
Game Designer Wannabee
Game Guts
Greg Schloesser's Musings
Grog Blog
Gryphon's Games
In the Light
Nothing But Games
School Buses are Evil
Spiel: Board Games in the UK
Tibs Manor


1 comment:

Gamethyme said...

I'm not sure how you found me, but thank you! I appreciate having my words referred to as "worthwhile."