Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lost Cities with Tal

I played Lost Cities with Tal last night (aged 13 girl, not a power-gamer), and she liked it.

I won the first game easily, but she won the next two. While I still don't see any real depth to the game, I am not utterly convinced about this, and will try it again until I'm sure there is nothing there.

I like the way that just about every card comes into play and gets cycled through the discard piles, but the player who draws the 9's and 10's is simply going to win, all other things being equal.

Gone Gaming's Board Game Internet Awards are a wee delayed, owing to travel, sickness, and a host of other excuses.

I'm working on poetizing the Canadian copyright, now that they're proposing to ruin it.

I'm also working on an article about globalization, one about de-evolution, and a few cards games.

Endgame radio points to yet another series on the evolution of video games, with a brief stop at board games.

Someone in India is planning "a contemporary film catering to today’s hi-tech teenagers titled 'Monopoly-The Game of Money'." Source.

Lots of press about "Deal or No Deal" being a big seller over the Christmas season.

The game Go is growing in popularity even in America, partly as a result of the anime Hikaru No Go, reports Syracuse.com.

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Simon J said...

I was sure I left a comment here yesterday...

Yehuda said...

Oops. I may have deleted it by accident with all the spam I've been getting.

Sorry, Simon.


Simon J said...

No worries, now you get 2 comments for the price of 1 to boost your rating :)

Anyway, my point was:

I agree Lost Cities is a bit 'meh' and can be played on autopilot. Have you tried Schotten Totten ? - that's got a lot more game to it.

Yehuda said...

Huh. Really.

I was thinking it probably suffered from the same overhype as Lost Cities. I'll give it a try.


Simon J said...

In Schotten Totten you need to assemble nine brag hands on the table, with a handsize of only six cards to play with. The early plays seem kind of random, but towards the end it becomes pretty deep, particulary as all the cards get dealt, so you can deduce what your opponent might have.

Like Lost Cities it's an easy 'try before you buy'. All you needs is six suits 1-9, and nine markers.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you had an FA affiliate link- I'll get you next time I order.

Of course, with all the awesome games coming out these days, that may be sooner rather than later!