Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Slamdance: The Controversy

As the few of you who read blogs other than this one may be aware, a large controversy is bubbling about the Slamdance Guerrilla Gamemaker Competition.

This controversy came to my attention via numerous blog and news reports of contestants withdrawing their games from the competition following the organizer's decision to first accept and then drop the game "Super Columbine Massacre", a lovely game of re-enacting the merciless slaughter of bucketfuls of defenseless children while the real-life victims are still warm in their graves.

And so the nature of the controversy is patently obvious to all: who the heck chose the name "Slamdance" for a video game competition? Is this supposed to hearken back to once-cool cultural touchstones like "breakdance" or to associate with the totally uncool "Dance Dance Revolution" craze?

In other news, Headz Games continues its descendancy from potential employer of 1,500 people and salvation for the town of Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, to filing for bankruptcy. And there ends that.

d21 follows up yesterday's board game article with a great post about the old game of Dune.

And along with many others, I will point to an amazing work of journalism by Michael Totten, who travels through southern Lebanon and gives us a real look at what's happening there, post-war.


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