Saturday, January 06, 2007

Weekend Gaming

We went to Nadine's for lunch, as did Adam and some other family.

I brought a copy of The Oxford A to Z of Word Games (which I'll describe in another post). Nadine showed me the Book Lover board game, or somesuch, which is essentially a board game version of the game Zero Is which I reviewed a few weeks ago (essentially, there are five clues to an item on a card, and the earlier you guess the item, the more points you get.

But we didn't play that.

Instead, inspired by the book I brought, I tried to conduct a game of Questions Only, A-Z; you may have seen this played on Whose Line Is It Anyway? Each person has to continue the conversation with another question, and each question has to start with the next letter of the alphabet.

I wanted to give a time limit of three minutes for the whole conversation, but it turned out to be hard enough for everyone a the table to even figure out what letter we were up to, let alone come up with a question. It turned into a fifteen minute activity (fun) just trying to get to the end of the alphabet.

Adam pointed out that some letters are simply more conductive to being made into the beginning of questions.

Later in the evening I played Puerto Rico with Rachel and Adam. We played with an assortment of expansion buildings. Adam shipped well, but didn't switch over to buying a big building when he should have. I built well, but was behind Rachel in shipping, again, and so she beat me by one point, again. Argh.


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