Thursday, January 11, 2007

Blog Split

So here is how I'm thinking of splitting the blog:

Jergames (Yehuda): games, gaming, gaming literature parodies. In other words, this blog will continue with game content, and most of my other stuff would move. This blog would continue at about one post a day.

Electric Enigma: technology, philosophy, Israel, Judaism. All of my full-length posts that are not about games. This blog would post about once every two days, to start with.

Acoustic Enigma: legal codes, ideas, quips, cartoons, other humor. Other stuff. Actually, many times a day I come up with cool thoughts and quips, but they don't make large enough posts to post here, so I forget them. This blog would post about 4 or 5 posts a day, each very short, with the exception of the occasional very long post, such as the copyright code.

The question remains: as long as I can move to the new Blogger anyway, why not just keep one blog and tag everything, and then people can read the tags that interest them and ignore the rest. Or, as long as I'm moving, why not move to Wordpress or something else, so that I'm not all bound up with Blogger.


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