Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Links Galore

First of all, the 2006 Board Game Internet Awards are finally up.

I went through all of the Domain Name links that start with "boardgame" and found about what you would expect.

* The vast majority were parked domains for rent or sale with the expectation that someone will want to pay cash for them.

* Many of the domains are familiar to my readers (boardgamegeek, boardgameswithscott, boardgamebabylon, etc...).

* A number of the domains are in an Asian language, and are probably storefronts.

* A few are local stores that didn't excite me.

* A number of them claim to be companies that will help you produce your board game.

Here are some of the remaining interesting ones:

http://boardgamebarrister.com/ - A Milwaukee game store with game nights and game reviews.

http://boardgamedeveloper.com/ - Looks like an old site about German board games.

http://boardgamefreak.com/ - A small site by three people about German games with info on Mayfair games, mostly. Looks new.

http://boardgamefun.com/ - Another fairly new site about German games, blog-like started in October, doesn't seem to have progressed.

http://boardgamego.com/ - Beautiful Go equipment.

http://boardgamekids.com/ - Articles and Forums about kids and German games in Korea, in English. Connected to Boardgamecafe, which has some great game blogs.

http://boardgameplace.com/ - Goody Games, also develops games and sells the games it has developed.

http://www.boardgamerevolution.com/ - Yet another game store, but with some pretty good prices on German games.

http://www.boardgamesarefun.com/ - Lots of info on German games, including links to ebay listings. Scraping its info from BGG, I think.

http://boardgamesearch.com/ - A great way to search all the major online game stores for game prices.

http://boardgamesforboredkids.com/ - donate games to the victims of Katrina via the Corpus Christi School in Mobile, Alabama.

http://boardgamesonline.org/ - A German game friendly online game space.

http://boardgamesrus.com/ - A used and vintage game source.

http://boardgamesusa.com/ - Another discounted German game friendly store.

http://www.boardgameswiki.com/ - A wiki designed for board games. Currently empty.

http://boardgameworld.com/ - Another discounted game store based in Holland, with fairly good international shipping rates.

Today's Links:

The Escapist weighs in on licensed board games.

Someone named Stephen Tallevi has created New Dice Games, with some new and original games.

Prof. Morgan McGuire ran a Game Design Studio for Williams College's Winter Study program, studying board game design.

Speaking of schools, students are playing a live game of Risk at Yale, something that started out as an art project and turned into a game owing to lack of funding. Over 350 students have participated so far.


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