Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Still Updating the Blog


I hope all of you that feed this blog have settings set to "new posts only" for the time being, as I am going through every single post (over 950 of them) adding Blogger tags. Each time I do this, it reposts the changed post to the feed.

While I'm doing this, it gives me a chance to correct some of the most egregious spelling errors. As to that, I can't believe that I misspelled "praise" twice yesterday in one post as "priase".

As I have experience in technical writing, I have experience in building indexes. This tag-addition work is almost entirely, but not quite, not like building an index.

Building an index is meant to ensure that several entries point to the item in question, and that any particular entry doesn't point to more than a few items. In the case of tagging, I am setting up my blog so that it can be split into feeds. That means a hierarchy of general through specific tags.

General tags, so that those only interested in "gaming" can easily subscribe to that. But if you're interested only in "board games", I have a tag for that, too. Or if you're interested in just "Settler of Catan", I have a tag for that, too. Which means that any post about Settlers of Catan has to receive all three tags.

For the gaming stuff, it's easy. For the non-gaming stuff, it's harder, since they don't all fall into any neat category, yet, other than "non-gaming", which I am hoping to not have to resort to. At the moment, they include "philosophy", "politics", "personal", "humor", "cartoon", "parody", "poems", "movies", and god knows what else.

As I continue to do this, I will try to figure out the best general tag to include all these, and that might mean my going back and re-tagging half of my posts once again.

Are you sure that a few separate blogs wouldn't be easier?

This entire endeavor is further complicated by Blogger's broken tag system. It miscounts the number of posts assigned to tags, making them impossible to delete when I want to get rid of them. If doesn't let you create new tags from the mass editing tool. And the mass post editing tool is screwed up, jumping around and not displaying the list of posts you ask it to. Honestly, I can't believe that this is out of Beta, as it DOESN'T WORK, yet.

Blogger's image facility is also still majorly broken, in that it a) always inserts images you upload to the top of the post you are working on, rather than where your cursor is, and b) still give you no way to reference or manage pictures you have uploaded, which means that if you lose the link you have to upload it again. My god, is that dumb.


Another U.S. visitor is scheduled to drop by tonight. He is here visiting on Birthright, and he plays in North Carolina, but he has never heard of BGG. I forgot to ask him how he found out about me, in that case.

If you want to pay the membership fee, you can try to snatch this job on writing rules for a board game.

Chris Farrell sadly hangs up his blogging pen. Hopefully he will continue to write online.

Chris Bateman does a first analysis of the difference between a virtual world and a video game. I may respond to this one.


Two miscellaneous pictures for you:

1) Amazon offers an incredible deal on a game (.05%!):

2) Microsoft Word offers a "grammar correction" for Rachel's thesis (she's discussing "original sin"):

Apparently the grammar correction tool holds by Christian theology.


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