Friday, January 05, 2007

December Board and Card Game Patents

Games grid board: An electronic puzzle game where each node on a board can be illuminated by one of two colors, and the object is to press the correct sequence of points so that all points become the same color.

The same publisher then takes out a second patent for the same equipment and a different game.

Board game: Some sort of enclosed soccer game with magnetic pieces.

Portable goal and ball: For playing soccer. That's it. Don't they ever check for prior art on these things?

Method of playing a group participation game: I'm a little confused, but essentially you take any series of games, and before betting on these games, all players bet on a different game. The outcome of that game will result in the payoffs for all the other games. Or something like that.

Method of playing a card game: Yet another versions of poker. One wonders when the patent office is finally going to say enough is enough, and stop granting patents for every minuscule variation on a poker game.

Card game: Some sort of battle card game (from Konami).

Diejack: Players pay a fee to buy the option to roll a single die, and the outcome, a number between one and six, is added to the total point value of the player's cards.

Card game with predetermined hands in a fortune cookie: From the patent: "The invention discloses alternative use for the traditional fortune cookie, and provides a unique and valuable opportunity for persons to interact in light-hearted games of chance at the conclusion of a meal."


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