Thursday, January 25, 2007

Session Report, with a round-by-round of a Princes of Florence game

The latest Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club session report is up here. Games played: Mykerinos, Caylus, Poker, Princes of Florence, Wildlife, Tichu, Puerto Rico.

First play of Mykerinos, and I give a complete round-by-round analysis of a Princes of Florence game.

Marion Callahan in talks about attitudes towards winning and losing for parents.

An article in the London Free Press talks about the benefits of video games as a mental stimulant, but then concludes:
Culham says many of the benefits gained from video games can be found in plain old reality.

"I would suggest that people consider taking up tennis or playing strategy games like chess or backgammon with their friends," she says. "This way they get the intellectual benefits of a video game, but other benefits, too, such as cardiovascular exercise or social interaction and support."

Instead of shelling out cash for software, Culham says there are other ways -- just as effective but not as expensive -- to exercise your brain.

"Pull out the Sudoku from the newspaper, read some Jane Austen and play some games with your friends," she says. "That may do just as well -- or better."

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