Saturday, January 13, 2007

Weekend Gaming

Nadine had invited herself over to our house for dinner, and then we all got invited out for dinner, so we all went together. Unfortunately, we didn't get to play afterwards.

For lunch, we went out again.

I found myself with two kids, playing this standard card game (Flip-10, among other nasty names) and joined in for a hand. I then told them how it is almost identical to Haim Shafir's game 8 1/2.

Over lunch, they quizzed me on what I would consider to be better games, so I told them a bunch of games I thought could be played with just cards or dice that would be more interesting. Dice: Liar's Dice and Can't Stop. Cards: Flinke Pinke and card auctioning. The latter: each player gets a hand of one suit (1 to 13) and blind bids on the remaining cards as they are flipped up. Each card can only be used once. The person with the highest collection at the end wins.

When I rattled through the games that I love (Puerto Rico) and play (Settlers of Catan), one of the kids said that he had actually just heard of the game Settlers of Catan last week, and wanted to know what it was about. Unfortunately, this is the kid that is going back to America tonight, not the one who lives here.


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