Friday, January 19, 2007

Secret Santa Gift Arrived, and I got ...

Yay! It was sent surface, which explains it's delay, and in fact it arrived within a month and a half, which is impressive. Even surface shipping, the shipping price was high.

The games are Mykerinos and Zertz. Here's hoping they live up to their reputation. Thank you for the gift, my mysterious benefactor (and I'll pretend to ignore the name of the sender that was slipped in the box ;-) ).

We have a lot of kids this week, and guests for Friday night including an entire family and Nadine and son. Might get to a game after dinner, we'll see. In any case, I'll be reading the rules for the new games.

Speaking of reading rules for unplayed games, I have one other unplayed game, Middle Earth CCG. I bought the ten box of starter packs challenge decks. The small rulebooks included are fairly inscrutable, so I need to find a better explanation somewhere. Ah well, I'm still going to be working on Netrunner for a while, so it can wait.

And last, Rachel shows signs of weakening regarding playing Go with me, so she may yet give in. I expect that if she does, she will surpass me in very little time.

Shabbat Shalom,


Anonymous said...

Middle Earth CCG? Not the old one by ICE, right dear Yehuda?

If it is though, you just HAVE to play it!


Yehuda Berlinger said...

Gnome: Yes, ICE's challenge deck ten pack. You can get them for only $36.00 plus shipping.

I hear it's a good game (Chris Farrell, especially, seems to like it), which is why I got it.

Where's the best set of rules?


Simon J said...

Thats a werid coincidence. Your mentioning Netrunner made me think about it's commercial failings.

I had decided that what NR really needed was a series of pre-constructed decks (Blue Moon providing the inspiration).

Exactly like the MECCG Challenge decks.

Mark said...

Hey, I've become interested in "dead" CCG's as well of late. It started last month with Harry Potter, and now this month MECCG, and I plan on exploring NetRunner next month. My recommendation for getting started with the Middle Earth cards is the excellent rules "summary" (14+ pages) at aka "Ichabod rewrites the rules."

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Thanks, Mark.