Monday, January 15, 2007

Board Game Brands and Domains

Here: .

Pretty interesting. I'm not sure where the information is gleaned from, nor its accuracy, nor who runs it. The address is registered at GoDaddy by someone from the U.S.

While searching for "findownersearch", I ran across this little whois site: . Now, whois sites are a dime a dozen, but in this case, I stumbled upon full-text indexes of every single bloody domain name that exists! For instance, on this page:, I was able to find a list of Whois domain names that start with something approximating "board game":

Pretty impressive, no? And that's not including the purposeful mispellings, not to mention all other sites that don't start with "board" but contain "board game" somewhere in the middle, and so on. Time to start visiting them and see what they contain.

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