Monday, January 22, 2007

Oh Hell, Down to the Wire

Tal and I played a quick game of Oh Hell last night, which I won. On the last round, Tal and I were exactly ten points apart.

The last round, a single card is dealt, so Tal could still have won if she had bid 1, which would have forced me to bid 1, and if she had then won the lead. The net result would have been +6 for her and -5 for me.

Unfortunately for her, the King of Diamonds was the trump-determining card, and I held the Ace of Diamonds in my hand.

Via Raph, a site that implores you to join First Life (Not Second Life).

Zenspace adds to the fray on whether videogames are art. Zenspace appears to be writing various papers about videogames and posting them on completion.

The Stanford Daily hits the right note about board games.

The latest issue of Toronto's Broken Pencil is all about games.

A beautiful new Indian board game in the Risk family is being developed at The Uttarakhand Board Game. The board, pieces, and rules are available for download and beta-testing.

NearbyGamers is another site providing meetup services for tabletop gaming.

My sister-in-law sent me this cute video about a grandmaster playing simultaneous games (not all the same game).



Peter Harkins said...

Another site? I built NearbyGamers because I couldn't find a site to find tabletop gamers on.

Could you give me a link to any you know of?

Yehuda said...

Peter: people have been using to coordinate board game events for some time. I recall other similar services on other sites.

Also, BGG has a user finder and local forums.

Also, various Yahoo groups exist for different locales.

Which doesn't mean NG couldn't be useful, which is why I pointed it out.