Monday, January 29, 2007

The New Blogger Has Some Kinks

One would think that after being in beta for, oh, a year or so, that Blogger would have fixed all the obvious problems. But no.

So far I've encountered:

* Captchas don't necessarily load with the page. You end up looking at "Type in the above letters" without seeing any above letters. Furthermore, captchas don't always work. I damn sure typed in the letters correctly, and it still sends me back to do it again.

* Managing posts is completely screwed up. When I set the number of posts to some number other than 50 and then click "Older posts", it only scrolls 50. Worse, I wanted to manage my labels in bulk, but every time I make any sort of change, I get sent back to the list of most recent posts again. Also, the number of posts indicated for each label if plain incorrect. Argh!

* Nowhere on the site does it explain what the special markup code is for labels, or for groups of labels to put on the sidebar. It only tells you to change your entire template and use their new layout system.

* Every post I add a label to, or update, is marked as changed on today's date. Since most feed readers are set to re-update posts from the last week or so, this results in your feed reader re-displaying every single post of mine as I update them with labels. In the old blogger, when I updated an old post, it remained marked as an old post, and wasn't picked up by the feed readers.

On the up side, it managed to transfer my blog without a hitch, and the labels do seem to work, which is good. And no more updating the entire blog when making changes is also very nice.



KikoLlan said...

Have you find a solution for the last problem? Is really annoying :-(

Yehuda said...

kiko: Damn, I did see something, but I forgot where or what. I think if you add the labels in bulk using "Moderate Posts" that it doesn't re-ping the RSS. Maybe.

Try it.


KikoLlan said...

Thanks, I will try that.