Monday, January 29, 2007

Moved to Blogger 2

Lo and behold, a day after I note that I can't move any of my blogs to Blogger 2 if at least one is a group blog, Blogger changes to allow me to move my other blogs overs anyway.

So, here we are on the new Blogger. Now to do some housecleaning and so on.

Sorry, but those of you who subscribe to the feed are going to see my entire blog reposted over the next few days!

The Best Stuff in the World currently lists these as the best board games. Give 'em a shake up.

Queensland University of Technology is regretting advertising their new Bachelor of Games and Interactive Entertainment degree, fearful that the great number of enrollees are going to be disappointed that they won't be getting a degree for playing games fifty hours a week for three or four years, but may actually have to learn something.

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