Thursday, June 08, 2006

And still counting

I just hit 1000 Monopoly versions. I added a few versions that were produced by Town-opoly. If you know of any other small print run, fundraising, or advertising versions, do drop me a line (shadejon on gmail).



Anonymous said...

I am emailing you a story from about a local bank who partnered with Maine's Deaprtment of Conservation to create a monopoly baord game based ont he state's park system.

The new Union Trust-opoly board game features eight state parks, historic sites and public reserve land in place of locales such as Boardwalk and Park Place in a traditional Monopoly game.

In addition to the sale and give-away of the game, the bank is also holding a game night on May 18, when tables of six will play Union Trust-opoly at 10 high schools, including Camden Hills Regional High School.

Union Trust CEO and President Peter Blyberg and Commissioner Patrick McGowan of the Maine Department of Conservation take a look at Union Trust's new boardgame they hope will be one of a handful of opportunities for the bank to donate money toward preservation and conservation of state parks and public lands. (Photo by Holly S. Anderson)

From Article
"Proceeds of the game night will be donated to the conservation of Maine's parks, historic sites and river corridors, and players at each location will compete for prizes that include Union Trust-opoly games at the end of the first hour of play and a $100 LL Bean gift certificate at the end of the event.

The grand prize winner, which is the person who has the most cash and assets of all eleven game venues, will win a Maine wilderness trip for two, which includes four days and three nights at one of Maine's foremost wilderness resorts and the expertise of a Maine registered guide.

McGowan said that funds donated by Union Trust will be used for meeting the basic needs of Maine's parks, including new restroom facilities, improved parking lots and camping spaces and amenities."

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Thanks, fellow gamer.