Saturday, June 24, 2006

Weekend Gaming

I introduced Saarya to 2 player Caylus on Friday evening. Unfortunately, we started pretty late and by the end of the first scoring he was too tired to continue. He enjoyed it, although not enthusiastically (willing to play again). Caylus appears to be a game that can only be played with other people who really, really like it and are willing to devote the time required for it. This makes it different from the other top games, like Puerto Rico or El Grande.

It is more in league with Die Macher. Die Macher is also way too long, and an even longer game, but it feels less fiddly and lighter than Caylus. Still, both games feel like work by the end.

I also played a 2-player game of Puerto Rico with Rachel. We hadn't played in a good month and she requested it. We played with our standard set of my replacement buildings and rule changes.

It looked like a tight game for much of it. I was sure she had made a mistake with an early Hospice, but she used it highly effectively, pulling corns and quarries or loaded plantations against manned production buildings. The purchase set her back one round in money, which she quickly made up with a solid trade.

By the end game, I could already see that she was going to be ahead about 10 victory points in shipping. My only hope was to get two more large buildings than her, but no matter how I arranged it, she could match me. I ended up with 1 more large building, but she had many other small ones. Final score was 67 to 56.


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