Friday, June 30, 2006

Meme Games

After two years, I've actually been tagged by a meme for the first time. Abbagav wants to know what kind of watch I wear (A Seiko analog chronometer watch with a scratch in the glass).

This meme is not at all relevant to what I post about; most memes aren't. I imagine that the original meme sharers were bloggers who posted about their personal life and friends, as opposed to specific subjects. Sharing memes about "what color is your underwear" and so on are directly relevant to purely personal blogs.

But it does give me the opportunity to talk about memes and games.

How can we relate memes to games? (For those of you watching this on your TV, you know by now that I can relate anything to games, somehow)

A meme area control board game: Ten rounds. If you control the most bloggers in a particular subject, your meme is doing best, so you score points for that region.

A meme trading/negotiation game: Trade meme attributes so as to achieve the best hand with which to attract the most bloggers.

A meme civilization game: Each player controls a meme civ, out to conquer the most territory by the end of round seven. There are nine phases in each round. Phase 1: each player collect three meme spread tokens. For each B-list blogger you control, collect one more token. Phase 2: new bloggers are flipped up and placed on the appropriate places on the board. Players now auction for turn order, which also determines how many emails they can send this round ...

What about board game memes? Has anyone ever done one?


And I tag: Maksim, Gnome, Ekted, Pawnstar, and Sologamer
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