Sunday, June 04, 2006

May Gaming at the JSGC

As usual, this list includes games played at the club, and does not include those that I played personally.

Full reports at the JSGC website.

AD&D, 2nd ed - The continuing adventures of a confused party.

Caylus x 3 - Our first playings. On the one hand, this is a sought after game in the club. On the other hand, it is too long for some of our members, and still too confusing for others. We are wrapping our heads around it. For my part, despite some problems with the confusing board and too many pieces, I love the game.

Clans - A pure abstract, and only a so-so one. The "hidden" element is a waste of time. And the theme is even more so.

Cosmic Encounter - Loved by the group, but only played when my brother brings it. We play Mayfair's version.

Dvonn x 2 - Yinsh's more cerebral cousin. A very good abstract.

El Caballero - A bit of a disappointment, actually, considering its sought after status on BGG. Needs to be played more before a final evaluation. Plays like a more interesting version of Carcassonne.

Geschenkt - A great quick filler for multiple players.

Lord of the Rings: the Confrontation - A great quick filler for two players, assuming they like this kind of bluffing game.

Power Grid - A favorite game, which feels so much better than it ought to be, considering the basic repetition of each round.

Puerto Rico x 2 - The favorite game, kept of low rotation unless Rachel is around.

(Lo) Ra - Nadine's Jewish themed adaptation of Ra. Ra is not my favorite, but a good game nonetheless.

Rook - A standard trick taking game. Works best as a partnership.

San Juan - A favorite filler for 2 to 4 players, a bit too long to be a filler, actually. Not really in the class of "great" games, in my opinion, as the cards you get kind of determine your strategy, leaving only tactics - and the tactics are always the best way to implement "gain or save the most cards this round".

Settlers of Catan x 2 - Still a favorite game for all but the old jaded players.

Shadows Over Camelot x 3 - An absolute hit for the group, they love the new dimension this brings to player interaction, and the traitor aspect is all the better. It's nice that up to 7 can play at once. It's not really my favorite, as I find the game play itself rather dull, and people take too long to make decisions.

Taj Mahal x 2 - A favorite meaty game.

Thurn and Taxis x 2 - Introduced, and received unenthusiastically, all of the easy gameplay of Ticket to Ride, with less tension.

Yinsh - Dvonn's sexier cousin, another good abstract game.


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