Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Some Gaming Work Nibbles

Despite my protests to the contrary, I have had a few nibbles when it comes to gaming work opportunities in Israel.

Two friends here in Israel have offered to help co-produce The Menorah Game (my game design) in Israel. I have not gone forward with either one, yet, owing to my fear of not being successful and letting them down on their investment. I really should get over that and make a go of it. Now would be the good time, to be ready for the Hanukkah market.

One of these friends has also made proposals for me to help co-run some after-school activities of gaming with kids. I am trying to work that into my time. It doesn't pay much, but it could be fun.

Last evening I also had an interesting proposal. A startup wants me to be both IT manager and game designer for a company that would produce fun but fairly simple games online. The person who talked to me had thought that I had computer game experience (having heard that I had "game" experience, that was his assumption). However, the games required are simple enough that I could easily do it - I wouldn't be doing any of the graphics or even programming, and I wouldn't be breaking any new ground in game play.

I can't reveal the exact nature of the project, of course. It sounds like a good opportunity. Again, this would require my finding time outside of my current work and evening life, since it wouldn't involve payment for a while.

If these opportunities aren't what I've been waiting for, then what is? It's not enough to simply say "I want to leave the computer field and move into the gaming field," without being able to say "yes, this is how I will do it." Do I dare disturb the universe?

Angst, angst, angst.


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