Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I have copies of St Petersburg and Alhambra which I don't want.

St Petersburg won the International Gamers Award (Strategy, Multi-Player, 2004), was a Spiel des Jahres, Nominee (2004), and a Games Magazine GAMES 100, Advanced Strategy Nominee (2006).

Alhambra was Spiel des Jahres, Game of the Year (2003), Deutscher SpielePreis, 2nd Place (2003), and Games Magazine GAMES 100, Family Strategy Honoree (2004).

Two award winning games, which I happen to not like, but many other people do.

I'm looking to trade these games. I live in Israel, but you won't have to ship to Israel, you can ship to America or Canada, your choice. Any offers? My want list is here. But I'm open to other offers, as well, even non-game offers.

If you have nothing to trade, I can sell St Pete for $17, or Alhambra for $19, plus shipping. I will only charge shipping from within America or Canada, your choice.

You can post offers or email them to shadejon on gmail.

Update: both gone.


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