Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Linkety Link

I added my latest post to Gone Gaming, and I doubt that I will have time for more today. Sorry!

I'll just note a new board game based on the movie Snakes on a Plane, which still isn't even in the theaters yet: Cobras in the Cockpit. You get to play the snakes. It looks like an area control game, and might even be fun. Source: numerous sites.

The movie Snakes on a Plane will actually first be shown in Israel. That may be a first for Israel. I remember not too long ago we were one to six months behind on all movie releases. That changed with the worldwide release of the updated Star Wars movies.

And I'll leave you with this rant by a sports columnist about how board games are invading ESPN and he's getting sick of it.



Mischa said...

This just means that these games of ours need to get their own channel separate from the sports network. Thanks for the link!

Guy said...

We've received Neverwinter Nights first too.

I think we received SWs and some HP movies first too, since we aired them on midnight and those East of us did not.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

guy - NWN is a game, no? Or is it a movie that I missed?

Guy said...

A game, but the thought's what counts!

Also, look at which market is supposedly bigger these days.

But yes, it's a game, but then again, this is a game-blog :)