Sunday, June 11, 2006

Taking over the world is a slow process

For one thing, I may be high up on the list when you Google "yehuda" and "monopoly versions", but I'm nowhere near the top of the list for "board games", "board game", "gaming" or anything else more generic.

If I want to attract general recreationers, I need to have my site returned for "computer game" or "computer games", "games", "gaming", and simply "what to do when I'm bored". Maybe if I write a post with all of these keywords it will bump me up :-).

My Ethics in Gaming article should appear soon on The Games Journal, and my Web 3.0 article will be appearing in the Web 2.0 Journal. Links as soon as they happen.

The former article includes a clip-and-save section on how to effectively apologize, something I do a lot of.

The latter article will actually show up on Google News. That makes me a bona fide journalist, I guess. Now I will have to start checking sources and be accountable. Poo. There goes my "Monopoly Causes Lymph Node Failure in Dolphins" article.

I had all sorts of trouble arranging my week, and therefore this week's game night, but I settled it by dropping out of an event I wanted to go to, but was causing too much of a headache for the rest of my schedule.

So game night will be on Wed night as usual. Owing to the star's configurations, I may be running a D&D session if I have the time to prepare for it.


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