Thursday, June 22, 2006

Session Report Up

Another session report from the Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club is up here. Games played: Fluxx x 2, Scotland Yard, New England, Goldland, Bridge.


P.S. I lost a few subscribers shortly after my "civil marriage" post. Did it really offend anyone? I can't understand why; it seems like at the very most people would simply dismiss it as impractical.

Am I simply posting to frequently? Is that a turn off? Wrong subject matter? Content not high enough quality?

I'm happy with what I'm writing. If you're not, feel free to comment. I may not change what I'm writing, but I'll listen!


Unknown said...

I disagreed with you about the marriage post but if I unsubscribed I'd miss out on all the content I like.

Jackson Pope said...

I disagreed too, but that doesn't bother me - after all you disagree with most of what I post :-)

I'm still visiting daily - just having difficulty getting through your long posts.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Jack - I don't disagree with most of what you post. I only offered a contrary opinion to one article ;-)

Lucky for all of us that I don't post more politics, I guess.


Jackson Pope said...

I'm only kidding Yehuda, I value your comments - it's nice to get involved in a discussion.

I wish more of my (surprisingly high) readership got involved.