Thursday, June 08, 2006

Session Report Up

The session report can be found here. The session report is an accounting of the last game group by the Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club. It contains some review of how the games went, as well as general feelings about the game and the club experience.

Games played: Caylus, Torres, Power Grid, Lord of the Rings: the Confrontations x 3, Havoc x 6.

eLamb commented on my mission statement post about Meatbot Massacre, a strange punk wargamey game, which doesn't appeal to me.

However, one notable thing about the game is that the authors created a new business model to sell it, the Ransom Model. People were asked to pay whatever they felt like for the game up front. As soon as some limit was hit, the game was released as a free download for everyone. After the release, they still accept payment, of course, but as before, the payment is optional and not specified. Short story: it was a success.

Of course, some people may wonder why they paid for something while others got it for free. That is the inherent selfishness within people that drives capitalism; when that twinge is ignored, and the majority of people basically contribute when they feel it is right to do so, then the system can work. It is only under scrutiny that it seems to fail.

Anyway, the authors, just got mentioned in Wired as part of a feature on "Screw the Middleman".


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