Tuesday, March 06, 2007

As Long As We're Linking 19

A list of game feeds and blogs discovered since my last posting ... see my sidebar for previous editions and further information.

A Baggins Under the Hill - Ava Jarvis, Bainbridge Island, Washington. Of BGN fame.

A Gap in the Abuse - Paul O'Connor, Carlsbad, CA.

Bookshelf Games - A video blog about board games.

Carcassonne Central - A site dedicated to all things Carcassonne.

Gamer Chicks Rule - A somewhat overly slick site, trying to find a direction. Seems to be a mix of types of games.

Lord of the Games - Michael Hall, Atlanta , Georgia. Session reports and so on.

markandeya - Brian Ridge, Everett.

Salt Lake City Boardgamers - Steve, Paul, Gary, and Carrie.

Scrappy Kid - Simon J, Isle of Wight.

The Conundrum's View - Shane Sanny, Atlantic, Iowa. Mostly about different types of CCGs.

Things of No Interest - Charles Hasegawa, Omaha, Nebraska.

Thoughts From The Gameroom - Mary from South Dakota. Of Gone Gaming fame. Moved over from meeplemonologues on Blogger.

The Wargame Shed - whisperin' al, Kent, UK. Wargames, of course, although covering some hybrid Eurogames, too.

I also dropped a number of feeds. Maybe I'll list them next month.


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