Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Breaking News: God Sues All IP Holders

March 28, 2007

Jerusalem (Yehuda) - Yesterday evening, Almighty God revealed to well-known blogger Yehuda ( that He has filed suit in the Divine Court against all IP holders for misrepresentation and violation of IP agreements, covering all of His copyrights, patents, and trademarks.

"A bunch of idiots running around claiming they 'invented' this or that. What a bunch of malarkey," God is reputed to have said. "Where do you think they got these ideas to begin with? Just 'popped into their head', eh?"

God maintains that He is the original source of all ideas that spontaneously appear in all human's brains, and as such, He claims all IP rights over these ideas.

According to God, He agreed to plant these ideas among various people on Earth only so that these people could act as disseminaters for the ideas. For their efforts, He agreed to recompense these disseminaters with limited payments, only to find that they would not give up the ideas and instead claimed them as their own.

"God is very hurt by these people's actions," said Yehuda. "He gave the ideas in good faith and now these people are claiming that they thought them up by themselves. As a result, His ideas are not reaching all of His people. God has half a mind to keep all of His remaining ideas to Himself."

The suit was filed in Divine Court, the only court that regularly hears cases between the Almighty and humans on Earth. Most cases heard by the court are petitions against God. While not unheard of, this is one of the few cases where God Himself filed the petition.

"My client is pretty confident of victory," said Yehuda. "He won big in the Babel Tower design infringement case. He's won a number of victories regarding the Jewish people. He's feeling good about this."

Yehuda further hints that God is also looking closely at cloning developments to consider a possible patent infringement lawsuit.


David Gerard said...

This so needs to go on UnNews. They have a nice selection of deity pictures to put in the article too.

BIP said...

super ! 10x Yehuda

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Thanks, david and oggin.