Monday, March 26, 2007

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I am helping a collector purchase a few Israeli games and have them shipped to UK. It's nice to be able to help out.

Game News

Bernie, this is for you: Dashka Slater on Salon complains about how people use "fun" to mean "important", and "important" to mean "fun".

Another story about religious themed games: Let there be fun. Generally about Christian themed games, a paragraph in the middle talks about Jewish themed games, which led me to find Passover games such as:
  • Exodus: The Game of Passover
  • Let My People Go
  • Matzoh Ball Bingo
  • Passover Go Fish
  • Passover Pairs
  • Passover Overpass
  • Passover Slides and Ladders
  • Shmos
  • The Seder Board Game
None of which I really want to inflict on you.

84% of British parents want to play more board games with their kids, according to The Daily Record.

YourPropertyClub complains that the one lesson you learned from Monopoly - namely, tangible hands on money management - is now gone in the new credit card version.


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