Sunday, March 11, 2007

GaliGirls: Jewish Dolls for Jewish Girls

As if Progressive Orthodox Jewish Barbie wasn't enough, here come Gali Girls, Jewish Dolls for Jewish Girls. But ... they wear pants???

Please, please view the Gali Girls promotional video. It is hysterical, something like South Park meets Uncle Moishie.
"Hey! What do Gali Girls got that we don't got?"
"Uh ... clothes?"

P.S. Bonus link: an excellent article in New York magazine about the new uninhibited online generation.

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Unknown said...

Here's coincidence. We talk for the first time on F:AT a few days ago. Then today I am doing a google search for Chanukah themed toys and I stumble upon this blog post.

I know you put it up, just because it it funny. However, I would like to add that this company merely repackages dolls and items that are available else where and slaps on a hefty mark up. The dolls themselves are mediocre quality and can be found for under $30 under other brand names elsewhere. All the books, accessories and clothes are also sold elsewhere.

Also, speaking of Chanukah themed toys, I'm sad that your game wasn't published as the Menorah Game. It is difficult for kids in the U.S. like my daughter, who is the only Jewish kid in her whole school. She sees all her friends with Christmas themed toys, games, books and clothes, and feels alienated and left out. I spent most of yesterday just trying to find a "festive" top for her to wear for her winter school chorus concert that didn't have Christmas icons on it. Z gets very excited when she sees any toy with a Jewish theme, such as a teddy bear wearing a yamaka. I think it makes her feel "normal." So I understand the appeal of GaliGirls. Unfortunately, most of the most of what is available is pretty lame, like the GaliGirls, the Judah Maccabee doll ( ), or the Macca Bee ( picture