Friday, March 30, 2007

Weekend Coming

Gaming prospects for the coming shabbat are light. This is because our guests for the whole shabbat are a family of the non-gaming variety.

The daughter aged 14 or so plays; I might get a game in with her. And if I'm lucky, maybe a Puerto Rico game with Rachel in near the end of shabbat, if she doesn't mind us ignoring our guests.

Game News

Beijing apparently is waking up to board games. First article on traditional and modern board games in China. Second Article on a new restaurant with board games and other activities.

Students of information architecture at the Savannah College of Art and Design designed several board games as part of an assignment.

The first is Operatives: "Players are divided into two teams, the corporation and the spies, with the objective being to either protect the corporation’s five-word message or to steal and decode it in order to win." A board game version of Netrunner?

The second is Nano: "Players add or lose bonds depending on where they land and receive points based on whether or not the atoms are the correct color. The player with a finished molecule or with the most coordinating pieces wins."

The third is Logistics: "... players compete to buy the most manufacturers to produce product and retailers to sell it."


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