Sunday, March 25, 2007

Wake Me If I Ever Get Dugg

I been Boing Boing'd, Engageted, Gizmodo'd, and Kos'd,
Volokh'd, Lifehacker'd, and Fugged,
I've even been huffed by the Huffington Post
So how come I've never been Dugg?

I been Overheard in New York in my time
Listed Apart and Treehugged,
'Stapundited, Googled, and on Powerline
But somehow I've never been Dugg

I been Lessig'd and Problogged, and once I was dooced
I'm a cartoon by Hugh Macleod
The NY Times called me the year's biggest news
Yet still I have never been Dugg

Techdirt thinks that I'm terribly hot
Cute Overload's featured my mug
I'm best friends with Scoble and Rubel and Scott
So when will I ever get Dugg?

Joystiq and Joel get their blog posts from me
Kotaku calls me its bud
Sierra and Malkin invite me for tea
You think that I might once get Dugg

I can't any longer hold back all these tears
I'm crawling back under my rug
I won't post again for another ten years
Wake me if I ever get Dugg



Aditya said...

Well, here you go! Good morning :)

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Aw, thanks, aditya!