Friday, March 02, 2007

February Gaming at the Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club

These are the games played at the Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club last month. As usual, this does not include any games that I played personally outside the club.

Boggle x 2 - This is a classic game, for those that like word games and anagramming. A nice filler.

Bridge x 8 - This is THE classic card game. Even when not playing duplicate, which is the absolute perfection of card games, it's still the standard by which all other card games are measured.

Chrononauts - I didn't play it, and it didn't sound interesting to me, as it was compared to Fluxx, which I despise.

Cities & Knights of Catan - Definitely lengthens the original game, but I still enjoy it, although I can play it on automatic. Do not play with more than four.

Cosmic Encounter x 3 - The EON and Mayfair versions are still classics. The Avalon Hill version is ok, I hear. A great game of diplomacy and alliances, where wildness and the unexpected rule.

Cribbage - A light card game filler, mindless but good to pass the time.

Go - Does for board games what bridge does for card games. THE game to which all other two-player abstracts will always be measured.

Grave Robbers from Outer Space - One of those humorous games to which I'm not attracted.

Intrigue - A mean game of backstabbing and negotiation, the latter of which doesn't appeal to me.

Louis XIV - A reasonably good medium weight board game, although possible to fall behind without any chance of catching up.

Magic: The Gathering - The first, and likely the best, collectible card game, a tremendously good gaming experience.

Netrunner x 3 - Another excellent collectible card gaming experience, I'm just getting started with it.

Power Grid x 2 - A very good, but somewhat long and heavy number crunching strategy game. Works well even for new players, although the power plant supply mechanics are clunky.

Princes of Florence - A brilliant, but very sedate, board game. Also heavy on the planning side, this is the quietest game you'll ever play.

Puerto Rico x 2 - THE board game, the best multi-player board game around. Best when played with my expansion buildings.

Saboteur - A nice card game filler which scales from 3 to 10 players, although sometimes nearly impossible to win.

San Juan - A nice medium weight filler card game; I've pretty much out-played it, and now I'm waiting for an expansion.

Settlers of Catan - THE introductory Euro-game for new players, although I now can play on automatic.

Stephenson's Rocket - A game that appears to have potential, but wasn't thoroughly finished being designed. Too many types of victory points. Kind of ok for all that.

The Menorah Game - A nice little set-collection auction game with a Jewish theme, if I say so myself. I still have some copies of the prototype available for sale.

Tichu - A very good partnership ladder card game. Nowhere near as deep as bridge, but fun anyway.

Tigris & Euphrates - A brilliant board game, with simple rules but very complicated implications for strategy and tactics. Very replayable.

Wild Life - Jury is still out. A fun game, but can drag on for a long time.

Zendo - A classic game of induction. Like multi-player Mastermind, but much much better.

Zertz x 4 - A very good abstract game, I'm still exploring it.


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