Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Linkety Link

Nag Nag

Now that my first game is coming out in real live cardboard, let's see if we can get all 300 copies pre-ordered before they are even printed. See the link for details.

But that's not the only way to show your love to me. Consider a voluntary subscription to my blog in one of the following ways:

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You can also click through my affiliate links to Amazon or FunAgain when buying games.

Oh yes: does anyone want to buy T-shirts or other swag from cafepress with stuff from my blog on it? I was thinking maybe the poem d6 or not d6, some game koans, or maybe the versified Fair Use clause from the U.S. copyright code. Naturally, I'd pretty it up.

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Game News

I'll start by reporting on the growing certainty that Puerto Rico is coming to the X-Box, which would be pretty cool. Why? Because currently, the fouth best selling game for the X-Box is Uno. Critical Gamers is annoyed that this resulted in Puerto Rico being taken down from BSW.

Eurovision now has its own board game, too.

For things a little more far afield, Pervartistry is a Charades game for adults.

And a 7 year old girl called the police to report that her grandfather was cheating at cards.


Gabe said...

I'd love to pick up a shirt with one of the gaming koans on it - my only problem would be picking only one to buy! I'd probably get the one with Andreas playing Puerto Rico since as a mathematician, I have a special fondness for vacuous truth :)

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Gabriel: I gave it a shot. Let me know what you think.