Sunday, March 18, 2007

Passover Game: Bingo

One Passover I made Bingo cards to keep the kids awake and alert.

Create a number of bingo cards in advance for the seder night. Since you can't write on the Seder night, when you come to an item, mark the Bingo card with a chocolate coin. You get the coins only if you fill up the entire card (if you want to keep it fair for all participants).

To create unique bingo cards out of a list of items:

Make the first card alphabetical, going across the top row and then the second row and so on.

Make the second card alphabetical using each second even item, i.e. items 2, 4, 6, ... . When you come to the end of the list, begin again with each second odd item, i.e. items 1, 3, 5, ...

Make the third card using every third item in the same way, and so on.

For my cards, I used the names in the Haggadah for board spaces:
  • Pharoh
  • R Eliezer
  • R Yehoshua
  • R Elazar Ben Azarya
  • R Akiba
  • R Tarphon
  • Ben Zoma
  • Yehoshua
  • Terach
  • Avraham
  • Nachur
  • Yitzchak
  • Yaakov
  • Eisav
  • Lavan
  • R Yehuda
  • R Yosi Haglili
  • Moshe
  • Raban Gamliel
  • Hillel
  • K David
  • Masshiach
  • Eliyahu
  • Aharon
  • K Sihon
  • K Ogg

Alternative: There are more than 25 biblical quotes in the Haggadah. Use a quote for each board space.


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