Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yehuda Berlinger

About Me

I'm a professional technical writer, user experience consultant, gamification consultant, blogger, and game designer born in the US and living in Israel.

I'm 50 years old, divorced with two grown children, and have been programming since I was 8 years old (starting on a PDP-11). A total geek.

I'm passionate about the Internet, especially its effect on culture and technology, as well as writing, ethics and manners, my family and children, my Judaism, and board games - not necessarily in that order. Actually, I'm passionate about many other things; you can read about most of these things on my blog.

My articles have appeared on major blogs around the world, been printed in various game, technical, and legal journals, and (apparently) hang on a few walls. My first published game was first published in several editions (newest called Frankenstein) and two apps, and a version called Candle Quest has a new theme. I also designed and ran several games or events for several thousand participants at game conventions and at various companies for which I have worked.

My online resumé is here. A more traditional resumé is also available upon request.

Email me.

About My Blog

Yehuda mostly covers board games, but also contains my random thoughts on ethics, culture, philosophy, law, technology, politics, and lord knows what else. And a lot of movie reviews.

The blog contains too many subjects, actually, but when asked, my readers preferred it this way rather than having me split up the blog. Silly readers. Instead, use the labels to find just the topics you want. The blog has been pretty slow, lately, as I am working on a book.

I try to list my best posts in the Highlights on the left side of the blog. My most popular posts appear to be:
Please feel free to comment or to subscribe to my blog by email or RSS using the links on the top left. If you like what you see, a donation, a purchase through an affiliate link, or a trackback would also be highly appreciated.

Things are slow around here while I am working on a book about games. I have been known to spontaneously "give back" to my loyal readers, commenters, supporters, and subscribers, so stick around!

Thanks for reading,
Yehuda Berlinger
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Dani In NC said...

I've been reading your blog for a few weeks, but I just took the time to read your About Me page today. Not only do you look different than I imagined, you are much younger than I thought -- either that, or your page needs to be updated :-). Your blog is so well written that I assumed you were older than me (I'm a very young 40).

Anonymous said...

I came across Yehuda Berlinger when I was searching some mnemonic on law. Mr Berlinger's verse mnemonic on Lenham Act is an admirable venture. This Hindu lawyer at New Delhi admires brother Berlinger. He is an inspiration for me.


Daniel Day said...

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Tarique Anwar said...

Dear Yehuda,

Assalam Alaykum.

Today was to first time I visited your site. It really helped me a lot. Esp. 10 secrets of blogging.

Jazzak Allah hu Khair