Saturday, March 24, 2007

Weekend Gaming

First of all, I would like to apologize to the writer of . He wrote a small post about the two most expensive chess sets that got Dugg about a zillion times, while my post about the top ten most expensive board games got Dugg only 6 times (now 9 times).

In a fit of frustration, bad manners, and probably envy, I called his site a "spam" site after a cursory glance at his post (it looked like a spam site to me), and then proceeded to wonder out loud on Digg as to why his post would get Dugg a zillion times and mine didn't.

My attack was inexcusable and rude. is not a spam site, and I'm very sorry for writing that. Furthermore, if I don't get Dugg, that's my problem, not his.


We'll start with a game of Scrabble I played earlier in the week with Rachel. I got the Z, Q, X, J, K, two S's, and both blanks, the last two at the same time. I'm assuming that you can guess the results of that game.

Let's move on to the game I played Friday night with both Rachel and Tal, my 14 year old. Tal is still a beginner to Scrabble, and thus she and I decided to play without points.

Rachel was aghast. I think her brain began to explode.

She kept wondering what the point of the game was if she didn't know if she was winning or not. She put down words and tried to taunt me that it wasn't her best word because it didn't matter, and then she was confused when that didn't seem to bother me. In case you couldn't figure this out, she's kind of competitive.

I was happy that my first word was HACKER.

Tal's Gang

Tal had a gang of friends over and they played Apples to Apples, and then followed it up with The Menorah Game. They all like the game wished that I wasn't changing the theme.

Puerto Rico

Rachel and I played as shabbat went out. We played with:
  • Assembly Line 1/1 - All your production buildings have additional circle.
  • Poorhouse 2/1 - +1 GP if you have 0 or 1 GP after building.
  • Small Fashion District 2/1 - +2 GP for trading indigo.
  • Small Warehouse 3/1 - Store all barrels of one good.
  • Irrigation 4/2 - +1 barrel of one good you produced.
  • Commodity Exporters 5/2 - +1 VP when shipping indigo or sugar.
  • Large Market 5/2 - +2 GP for trade.
  • Discretionary Hold 6/2 - 1. Store 3 barrels of any combination of goods. 2. Place 1 barrel on each full ship for +1 VP.
  • Factory 7/3 - +0/1/2/3/5 GP for producing 1/2/3/4/5 goods.
  • Large General Workhouse (2 circles) 8/3 - Produce any barrels with matching plantations.
  • Large Business 8/3 - 1. -1 GP cost for each building. 2. +1 VP if you ship, once per Captain phase.
  • Wharf 9/3 - Load once onto your own ship of infinite capacity.
  • Metalworkers 10/4 - +2 GP/quarry.
  • Reserves 10/4 - +2 VP/good on your board.
  • Fortress 10/4 - +1 VP/3 colonists.
  • City Hall 10/4 - +1 VP/indigo building.
  • Custom's House 10/4 - +1 VP/4 shipping points.
It was an unusual game in that every single building, with the exception of Large Business, Wharf, Coffee Roaster, and Metalworkers was bought. Yes, including all of the 4 to 6 cost buildings. I think I finally have some good replacements for Office.


JSGC Games Day is being planned for Wed, April 4. Come one come all.


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