Wednesday, April 11, 2007

99% Off Items on

I know what you're thinking: 50% off is sweet. 90% off is a steal. But 99% off? That's just ludicrous.

When you get to 99% off, you're talking "what were they thinking?" regarding the original price.

For instance, maybe you were about to pay $1000 for a bunch of sticky animals? Good news!

As an additional incentive, you get an additional 5% off if you buy two.

And you thought you were going to have to spend an extra $2,275 for this toner.

Or $31,100 extra for this one.

You'll have to hurry to save over $48,000 on this upgrade kit; only 1 left in stock.

Without the discount, this notebook stand costs 5 to 10 times more than your notebook. You can save an additional $2 if you buy it used.

Spend a penny, get a $30 pair of earphones.

Or a $9 cellphone case.

Or a $40 Ipod charger.

Or save $3000 on this USB cable.

This wrist belt took 55 years to create by 10,000 laborers working 26 hour days. Yours for only $15.

Canon will forgo $54,500 if you buy this camera set. But that's only chump change.

Because Sony will give you $169,000 to buy theirs.

Would you spend $4,000 on a DVD labeling kit?

A $1,000 candle holder; yours for only $9. I think I saw these in a dollar store near me.

I'm almost positive I saw these.

Imports from Russia must really be falling.

For when you ran out of money just before you served dessert.

For when you ran out of money way before that.

Sure, the phone is expensive, but I'm saving money on my long-distance calls.

It occurs to me that anything worth spending more than $5,000 on to protect is not sufficiently protected with a padlock.

I don't know what this is, but I feel confident in saying that the original price was a tad high.

And I need a $500 refrigerator magnet like ...

Yes, an envelope for $60. You can buy them used for only $0.50, too.

That's not a knife. THIS is a knife.

The best way to hide your valuables in a bag is to make your bag the valuable.

Very nice, but I have an objection to diving in anything made by a company called "Body Bagz".

Because $1,000 is best spent on baby toys, rather than say, oh, college education.


Obgames: Some games for half price or better on Amazon -

Power Grid Exp 2 Benelux and Central Europe $8.99
Tongiaki $9.99
Rocketville $8.99
Palazzo $16.99
Castle Merchants $18.99
Industria $14.28
Hera and Zeus $11.99
California $19.99


Anonymous said...

lol, that was great! Just too funny!

Anonymous said...

ha ha!!